Remote PHP, Laravel, LAMP developer experience in Oracle Service Cloud


I am Sanjoy Kumer Paul (সঞ্জয় কুমার পাল), a Father, an easy-going guy, and a Full-Stack Web Developer with more than 12 years of experience in LAMP and WAMP stack, including 6+ years in team leading and 2+ years in project management experience.

Nowadays I am working in Laravel, Lumen, CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, and Vue Js frameworks. I am also working in Web Service/API integration, design, development, and documentation.

Design > Technical Documentation > Development > Deployment in the cloud and Manage Cloud Servers are my current activities.

We use Zoho for project management and Bitbucket for code management. We have AWS and Oracle Cloud servers for our test and production environments.

I also have experience in Oracle’s technologies, i.e.: Oracle Service Cloud (OSvC) and Oracle Field Service Cloud (OFSC) development, configuration, and implementation.

I like to learn new technologies and then working on those. I also like to meet people. I have completed my graduation from WBUT, India in BCA  and currently working remotely as a (Contract) Lead Application Developer in a WA, USA based software consultancy firm.

My recent interests are in Flutter and Growth Hacking. I have been doing some R&D. So hopefully, I will explore more on these areas in the coming days. You can suggest to me anything, which is interesting and fun to learn. I appreciate your suggestions.

I am open to projects and opportunities if there is any scope to do exciting and new things.

I love to help people, if you or your known one need any web-related help/support, plz send me an email at

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