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Create and access multiple ports for Apache on Amazon EC2(aka AWSEC2) or DigitalOcean

We can do this by using the virtual host. There is two part to complete to open and configure the ports. I used port 8080 but you can use any port that is not using for any service.   Part 1: Add/Update Virtual Host Navigate to the sites-available directory for the configuration file cd /etc/apache2/sites-available/ […]

Update – Please visit skpaul.me for latest posts and updates

Hi, Greetings!! Thanks for visiting my blog, I have open a blog (https://skpaul.me). So from now, you will get all latest posts and updates on https://skpaul.me.   Please take a look on my personal blog (https://skpaul.me), and let me know your comments and review.   Thanks in Advance sk paul https://skpaul.me

WordPress or WooCommerce user manual on adding categories and products

How to add Categories? ———————- Mouse Hover Product Click on the Category, you will get a form Just fill up teh below fields – Name: Type the category name – Slug: no need to fill it, leave it – Parent: Select is your category is a sub category> Otherwise leave it. – Description: Type a […]

Photoshop like interface(Shortcuts & Icons) of GIMP on Ubuntu/Linux

I was a windows user and recently transfer to Linux (Ubuntu). I try GIMP on Ubuntu as an alternative of Photoshop, but facing some issues, bcoz the interface is not exactly like Photoshop and I need a quick solution. So, I google and find a GIMP Photoshop Tweaks and here it is.. and Here is the […]

Laravel 5.1: Unsupported operand types (FatalErrorException in …)

Ok. When I am upgrading my application from Laravel 5.0 to 5.1 I get an falat error that this showing “Unsupported operand types”   What did I do on Laravel 5.0: I add two array with in + operator, and that is the problem. So, I looking for solution and get this on Laracast $item_list […]

তুমি, আমি আর কয়েকটা গাংচিল

তুমি থাকো সুখে আমি চলে যাবো, বহুদূর, খুঁজে পাবে না একটি গাংচিলকেও যারা, সাথে ছিলো এতদূর… আমি ছিলাম ভালই, তুমি এলে জীবনে আর গাংচিল গুল, গেল একটি ১টি করে হারিয়ে দুটি মানুষ, একটি জীবন একজন যায় হারিয়ে হলাম আমি হারানো মানুষ গাংচিলগুলকে সঙ্গে নিয়ে… ।।

How to find src attribute of image tag in php?

In my case, I had a string containing exactly one <img /> tag (and no other markup). And I was trying to get the src attribute. // get the featured image $image = ‘<img src=”path/to/image_file” />’; // get the src for that image $pattern = ‘/src=”([^”]*)”/’; preg_match($pattern, $image, $matches); $src = $matches[1]; unset($matches); In the […]

How to change WordPress default email From name and address?

There are many method to change default wordpress email settings. Here you can see two methods. FIRST ONE: Very easy, just download the plugin (Change WP eMail) and install and configure it. SECOND ONE: It is very easy too 😀 and I like this one. First of all you need to find and open functions.php […]

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