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k2 blog Warning: explode() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in components\com_k2\helpers\route.php on line 73 – solution here :)

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Hello everybody, Here I am, back again. Today I face a new problem (actually not new, coz. few months ago I faced it once). So, I am thinking, why amn’t I post it on my blog for you? The problem is generate when I use K2 blog’s “Content Module (mod_k2_content )” . And the warning ….  Read More

hello :) from sk_paul


Hi Hello, Just now I  open this blog, and after opening this blog (, now I ‘m thinking what I wright. Okey, I will wright at least one post every week, whatever running in my head on that time. And lastly I need all of yours valuable constructive comment. 🙂 sk_paul