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Open-Source project in AWS Cloud

Open-Source project

I was planning to develop a few open-source projects and think about hosting for the users. After googling and going through few options I stopped.

Nowadays I am preparing to apply for the AWS Community Builders program and going through the AWS documentation, blog, and forums. And you know, I get a very good solution for my open-source projects that will hopefully help me to support the users to start using the applications with a free credit from AWS Cloud.

I am planning to apply for the AWS credits for my upcoming projects and users. If you are planning something like me you can also check the Open Source at AWS.

You’ll find more details about Open Source at AWS via the following website and blog post:


If you’d like to request AWS Credits for your Open Source Project, fill out the following form:


Don’t forget to let me know what kinds of help will you get from AWS Cloud.

N.B.: I really appreciate your support if you share this information with the community. And let me know what you want to read in the next article.

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