How to add a new (About Us) Page in Oscommerce 2.3.3

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Nowadays I am working on osCommerce and I need to create a new/custom About Us page for company profile but I don’t get any option in admin panel. Surprisingly there is no option to manage pages like About Us, Terms and Condition, Privacy Policy and etc. Even you can’t create a new menu from admin ….  Read More

তুমি, আমি আর কয়েকটা গাংচিল


তুমি থাকো সুখে আমি চলে যাবো, বহুদূর, খুঁজে পাবে না একটি গাংচিলকেও যারা, সাথে ছিলো এতদূর… আমি ছিলাম ভালই, তুমি এলে জীবনে আর গাংচিল গুল, গেল একটি ১টি করে হারিয়ে দুটি মানুষ, একটি জীবন একজন যায় হারিয়ে হলাম আমি হারানো মানুষ গাংচিলগুলকে সঙ্গে নিয়ে… ।।

How to find src attribute of image tag in php?

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In my case, I had a string containing exactly one <img /> tag (and no other markup). And I was trying to get the src attribute. // get the featured image $image = ‘<img src=”path/to/image_file” />’; // get the src for that image $pattern = ‘/src=”([^”]*)”/’; preg_match($pattern, $image, $matches); $src = $matches[1]; unset($matches); In the ….  Read More

How to change WordPress default email From name and address?

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There are many method to change default wordpress email settings. Here you can see two methods. FIRST ONE: Very easy, just download the plugin (Change WP eMail) and install and configure it. SECOND ONE: It is very easy too 😀 and I like this one. First of all you need to find and open functions.php ….  Read More

How to add Products in osCommerce?


To add products in osCommerce please follow the steps below:     Log into your administration page for OsCommerce.     Click on the Catalog link within the main area. This will display all your categories that you have created.     Click on the category name for which you wish to add the product, or the sub-category ….  Read More