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Customer Account Portal (CAP) – Design, Development, Deployment and Implementation

Customer Account Portal - a Laravel Application for Utility Companies

Working as a Lead developer in this project and contributing to every phase from requirement analysis to implementation.

I have done the following things in this application

  • Requirements analysis, preparing the technical documentation with testing plans.
  • Analyze issues and design solutions
  • Adding new modules to enrich functionality and services.
  • Reviewing code and query for optimization
  • Integration with Stripe payment Gateway for CARD, ACH.
  • Integration with Stripe Terminal.
  • Integration with Wells Fargo Payment Gateway.
  • Recurring/Auto Bill Payment through CARD and ACH.
  • Integration with Utilitec bill service provider.
  • Preparing the technical and testing documentation for the modules.
  • Providing Support for V2.0

This portal has reduced the number of support calls, queries, and tickets by a huge number of utility companies.


Application: Customer can easily check their utility usage, notices, and bills in various formats, and can analyze data by analyzing tools and reports. Customers can easily pay by Card, ACH, and POS Terminal of the Stripe payment gateway and see their payment reports too. Customer can schedule their payment for one-time and recurring. Also, they can turn on auto payment. CSS Portal’s admin can manage customer activity, email templates & notifications, and admin users, and managers from the admin end. There are various reports based on customer activities, notifications, and payments. This CAP Portal is retrieving data from Oracle CC&B Cloud by SOAP API and is also deployed on Oracle Cloud and AWS EC2. This Application is used by several utility companies in the USA so that their customer can see how they are using their utilities.


Technologies used: Laravel 5.5 and Bootstrap frameworks along with JS, jQuery, MySQL, SOAP, AWS, and Oracle Cloud.


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