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TransactionCity.com – SRS, DFD, UML Dcoumentation

TransactionCity.com - SRS, DFD, Wireframe documentation

I have designed and documented the payment gateway with Paypal Integration on TransactionCity.com. I have prepared the SRS with DFD, Wireframe, Use and Test Cases for Ticketing System Module, Store Profile Module, Product Module, Category Module, eCommerce Blog, and other a few modules. I also provided resources (sample codes and links) that developers can easily code and implement the business logic.

Here is the list of works that I did…

  1. Recurring Subscriptions / Transactions : User Interface / Requirements
  2. eTicketing requirements doc for an existing eCommerce site
  3. eCommerce requirements : coupons / discounts / promos / shipping APIs
  4. Technical Specifications for eCommerce Site and
  5. eCommerce Blog SRS


Here is client said about my work:

“Sanjoy did an excellent job producing my site requirements and including the wireframes. I will utilize his services again for new work! He really knows his stuff when it comes to the Paypal Transaction methods!”

– LeGreene


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